Secret Heights

by Secret Heights

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Secret Heights is Cam Malcolm and Terra Lightfoot

We recorded this album on May 7th, 2011 at Hamlin Cottage within the boundaries of Camp Wanakita (Cam's old summer camp). We engineered the album ourselves using Cam's reel to reel.

On the record, we both play guitar and sing, and Terra plays a little piano. Handsome Cam plays all the guitar solos.

We mixed the album ourselves a short time after our trip up north and then had Mike Kuehn master it for us.

We had a release party for the album this past Sunday, August 14th, and we hope you like it.

Secret Heights


released August 14, 2011



all rights reserved


Secret Heights Hamilton, Ontario

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Track Name: Nathan Phillips Square
In the morning
we'll remember well
Ice that's melted
and frosty petals fell
we stand on frozen water
robin's breast in rust
we looked at pictures
of the city holding us

If I could only decide that you are what I want
Or just what I don't got

Springtime fever,
roll those windows down
All those flowers
that keep us on the ground
All those towers
faded into black
Every season's
always coming back
Track Name: Concord, MI
I'm going to run to Concord, Michigan
where the fire hydrants are all painted red
where it's good to be alive, and it's good to be dead

Jackson County, take these dying bones
it's just an hour to the border if you try
just hold me for a decade so I can die

To all the states of all the northern stars
where the sun never rises up very high
I said that I would be there but I think I lied

All those daisies and dandelions
out in the ragweed purifying the air
blowin' that cradle grave hair
it was as beautiful when you were born as it was beautiful there

Pride of your town and of your high school
you put more stock in living than being cool
with your hands inside your pockets like you've got them fooled

When you are older you should drive away
to the college town down on the interstate
read about things that your heart can't take

come back and visit me from time to time
when you cross into the jackson county line
and think about leaving your home behind
Track Name: Farmhouse & Barn
I ran my hands through the dirt of this old land
I will work and care, though this land's fair, there's no growing there
So take this old farm, farmhouse and barn, and let it go
I tell everyone I still feel young, but I doubt myself

I like to imagine you in your dress by the woods watching clouds fly over where our house once stood

I'm like ice on stone, no water holds in my young heart
I'm like ice on stone, no water holds in my young heart
Track Name: I'm in Love With Your Wife
I'm in love with your wife
I've loved her half my life and when she grabs my hand I can't think of nothing else

I'm in love with your house,
your pretty daughter, and your record shelf
I can see myself taking a nap right here

On early spring mornings I'm filled with little longings
'cause it's not quite hot and it's not quite cold
and I worry too much I'm gonna die alone
I'm gonna rust with my generation

I'm in love with your wife
She's kinda short but that's alright
I'd like to think I have the sight lines to win her over

Though my reasons are cold
and actions acted would be far too bold
There's better courage in shutting up and shoving away

My memory tells me I've been here before
when you want to start fires just 'cause you're too bored
and you want to break hearts and you wonder what for
I'm gonna rust with my generation
I'm gonna die from little lacerations inflicted over time
Track Name: Obadiah
Listen to the radio coming in
It's only 200 miles to Michigan
But Detroit sounds like static
and this transistor's had it
So the muscle cars and the NPR are just going to have to wait

You've got a pretty nice voice, my dear
and a southern twang you've adopted here
And since the radio's all but broken,
There's nothing left unspoken
We've got a quarter tank and a little bank, so let's go out tonight

All the legion halls in these small towns are falling over
All the heavy hearts won't hurt real bad for very long
You're still pretty and I've still got the chance to win you over
Obadiah, we can make it still

Two years later and we're having doubts
These songs aren't enough to light these sparks
And the radio's full of music,
but the record we can't choose it
So the howlin' wind and the motor's din will do us for a while

All the legion halls in these small towns are falling over
All the heavy hearts won't hurt real bad for very long
You're still pretty and I've still got the chance to win you over
Obadiah, we can make it still

You can leave me if you'd like
You say I'm pushing you away without a fight
Now that we are two years older
We're just a pair of frozen shoulders
I'll keep the motor on
I'll park it on the lawn
Oh, shine a light out there
Don't think that I don't care
You can follow me through familiar trees to where it all got started
Track Name: Count On Your Love
Why can't you be the one to make me smile
to miss me so damn much when I'm gone away
Why can't you be the one to kiss me good bye
and be there to greet me when I get off the plane

Can't you see all the doors that I've opened to get you in here with me

I have pictured us walking, hand in hand
Not that we'd have to show off with public affection
I wrote your name in the sand and washed it away
But the water don't hide my shameful reflection

Can't you see all the doors that I've opened to get you in here with me
Can't you see all the windows I've closed to keep you in here with me

Why can't you be the one to whisper low, so many sweet nothings, I can't even count
You know I'd give away all my things if it meant I could count on your love.
Track Name: Cessna
I've got this hungry heart
it wants what I can't start
But the boss says that you've got one too
your blood is turning blue

I've got these hurting eyes
and they want to close for all of time
I've seen that yellow line
and the deer jump yellow signs

You've got those hurting eyes
that once saw the inside of clouds in the sky
with your hands on the rudder of a 152
now your blood is turning blue

You've got that hungry heart
But you're not prepared to go too far
You miss the sky where the sun shone so cold
It was the only place you ever felt whole

Could it ever be, could it be it wasn't always two?
All the things I said, every bed I never shared with you
All in all it's just sky above road
Places to drive and fly out on your own
It's all secondary when you lose the fight
Try, try as you might.